Government Advisory

CS Global Partners is honoured to be trusted with offering governments expert advice that helps bring multi-millions worth of foreign direct investment into the country through ethical means from reputable sources. We do not, however, interfere with any decision-making processes and act solely in an advisory capacity.

CS Global Partners proudly holds three government mandates to promote their citizenship by investment programmes.

Shortly after being set up, CS Global Partners became St Kitts and Nevis’ first choice to take over marketing their CBI Programme. Ever since, CS Global Partners has been promoting St Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship offering across the world, focusing on the newly introduced Sustainable Growth Fund as the programme’s most straightforward route to second citizenship.

In 2014, the Dominica government followed suit, also appointing CS Global Partners as the official marketing promoters of their CBI Programme worldwide. As a result, Dominica’s CBI Programme underwent a complete transformation and became a leader in the RCBI industry. The island leads with ecotourism real estate options and transparent use of CBI funds, including astounding strides in climate change resilience.

Two years later, fellow Caribbean island of St Lucia joined the investment immigration industry and chose CS Global Partners to promote their brand new offering in Far East Asia. A world-famous honeymoon and wellness getaway, St Lucia’s economic citizenship programme is a popular choice with Asian investors.

As industry thought leaders, we also collaborated with Grenada and other countries while providing feedback on the Investor Visa Programme in the United Kingdom.

The governments we work with continue to trust CS Global Partners to promote their CBI programmes responsibly, objectively and fairly. To do this, our divisions dealing with governments and clients, respectively, work independently. This means our advice for each country and client is 100% unbiased.

Government Marketing Solutions

CS Global Partners markets Citizenship by Investment programmes on a global scale on behalf of Governments. Our marketing solutions include market positioning, brand identity creation, brand optimisation, digital marketing, reputation management, PR & communications, events, print and digital advertising.

Brand Optimisation

CS Global Partners helps create strategies that will successfully achieve your objectives, whether that is reaching multi-million profit margins within a relatively short space of time or becoming an industry leader through top-of-mind awareness among your HNWI client base. We plan and implement campaigns and design tactics that our in-house team can deliver at the highest of standards.


Brand Identity

Based on market research, we design and manage your brand entirely. From creating your brand ID and setting your tone of voice to producing print and digital collaterals and adapting it to new markets, we create the optimal branding that your customers will respond to.


From traditional display to highly targeted campaigns, we engage with your audience to promote your message and persuade clients to choose your product or service. Besides bespoke traditional ads, we also create advertising campaigns via Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Baidu and Yandex.

Digital Marketing

We take care of your online presence and optimise it for the best possible search engine ranking and organic discovery. We build your online community and maintain it professionally with high-quality content and healthy engagement rates. We adapt our marketing efforts through data-driven and sentiment analyses.


PR & Communications

We are the partner you want beside you in both difficult times, and when an unmissable opportunity arises. We take care of your reputation and advise on areas of improvement ahead of the industry. We predict trends and ensure you stay ahead of the competition by planning for the medium to long term and share your key messages to stakeholders through traditional and digital channels of communication.

Events & Webinars

Our expertise in marketing products and services for HNWI covers professional representation at B2B and B2C events. We also create tailored events that feature your product or service in the best possible light, bringing it before the most appropriate audiences.

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