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CS Global Partners offers a 360° marketing and PR strategy on a global scale. This includes market positioning, brand identity creation, brand optimisation, digital marketing, reputation management, PR & communications, events, print and digital advertising.

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Brand Optimisation

We help you create a strategy that will successfully achieve your objectives

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Brand Identity

Based on market research, we design and manage your brand entirely

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Digital Marketing

We take care of your online presence and optimise it for the best possible search engine ranking and organic discovery

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PR & Communications

We are the partner you want beside you in both difficult times and when an unmissable opportunity arises.

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Our expertise in marketing products and services for HNWI covers professional representation at B2B and B2C events.

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From traditional display to highly targeted campaigns, we engage with your audience to promote your message and persuade clients to choose your product or service.

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Government Advisory

We are honoured to be trusted with offering governments expert advice that helps bring multi-millions worth of foreign direct investment into the country.

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Citizenship & Residency Solutions

Citizenship by Investment and Residency Programmes

Just over a dozen countries in the world currently offer citizenship by investment (CBI). There is a higher concentration of CBI programmes in the Caribbean, a region considered the cradle of second citizenship by investment.

By contrast, residency by investment programmes are far more numerous than those offering citizenship. The largest concentration of such programmes are in the European Union, commonly referred to as golden visa schemes. This is because the EU is where many investors tend to carry out business or relocate to.

CS Global Partners carefully selected two investor visa programmes that we recommend to our clients: those of Portugal and Singapore.

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Antigua and Barbuda

Established in 2013, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme offers four routes to citizenship and visa-free travel to around 150 destinations.

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The Commonwealth of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been ranked no. 1 for the third year in a row in the CBI Index.

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With fast processing and unique visa-free destinations, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme is a good option for large families.

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St Kitts and Nevis

The St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme was introduced in 1984 and is the oldest, most trusted and most successful active programme of its kind.

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St Lucia

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme was launched in 2016 and offers four investment routes.

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The Cyprus Investment Programme provides a 6-month processing period for this route to EU citizenship without membership in the Schengen Area.

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The Malta Individual Investor Programme (Malta IIP) generally suits high net- worth individuals who wish to obtain full EU citizenship.

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Greece launched its Golden Visa Programme in 2013. The programme offers immediate permanent residency followed by the option of citizenship post a residency of 7 years.

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Portugal launched its Golden Residence Permit Programme in October 2012. Successful and longstanding, the Programme is now considered the most established of its kind.

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Singapore’s outstanding reputation as one of the world’s leading economies makes it a popular choice for residence by investment.

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