St Kitts and Nevis extends Limited Time Offer!

St Kitts and Nevis extends Limited Time Offer!

St Kitts and Nevis will be extending its Sustainable Growth Fund Limited Time Offer for another seven months.  



St Kitts and Nevis has announced that it will be extending the Limited Time Offer (LTO) on its Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) Option for those looking to apply for citizenship by investment (CBI). 

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The Government has just made the announcement that investors will now have until 31 January 2024 to apply for the LTO. This has come after an unprecedented demand for the world-class CBI programme since the launch of the SGF LTO. Investors looking to make the smart move are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as this is their last chance to secure their investment at a reduced rate.

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

Established in 1984, the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme is the oldest of its kind in the world. Essentially, the Programme offers citizenship to high-net-worth individuals and their families in a peaceful and prosperous part of the Caribbean.

St Kitts and Nevis Sustainable Growth Fund

The St Kitts and Nevis Sustainable Growth Fund is the most secure and straightforward route to economic citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis. 

Contributions to the SGF are made directly to a government-held fund. As a result, the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) can check the receipt of payment immediately. This makes the application so much faster.

St Kitts and Nevis SGF Limited Time Offer

In a bold move to revolutionise the concept of acquiring alternative citizenship, St Kitts and Nevis introduced a LTO on the SGF option earlier this year.

As part of the offer that started from January 1, 2023, applicants can take advantage of the opportunity to save a substantial amount on the required minimum contribution. The offer is exclusively launched for the SGF option.

It’s ideal for individuals seeking enhanced global mobility, expanded business prospects, and a stable future for themselves and their families.

This is a final extension and from 1 February 2024, the minimum SGF contributions will increase to the amounts prior to the LTO period.

Benefits of the St Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer

The LTO introduced by St Kitts and Nevis provides several compelling benefits for investors considering its CBI Programme.

Four key advantages of this exclusive offer are mentioned below: 

  1. Substantial cost savings 
  2. Enhanced affordability and access 
  3. Streamlined application process 
  4. Quick and easy 

Exlusive pricing under the Limited Time Offer  

  • Single applicant: US$125,000 
  • Main applicant and spouse: US$150,000 
  • Family of four (main applicant and up to three dependants): US$170,000 
  • Additional dependant under the age of 18: US$10,000 
  • Additional dependant aged 18 or older: US$25,000

    During the St Kitts and Nevis SGF LTO, the standard CBI application processing time is shortened from 90 days to 60 days from the CIU’s acknowledgement of submission of the application to approval-in-principle.An application under the SGF LTO will automatically qualify for an accelerated CBI application processing time of 60 days from the CIU’s acknowledgement of submission of the application to approval-in-principle. For any other application, an applicant may elect to make an accelerated CBI application by payment of the additional fees.

The standard due diligence fees apply to an application made during the Limited Time Offer:

  • Main applicant: US$7,500
  • Each dependant aged 16 or above: US$4,000 each

Essentially, with the St Kitts and Nevis SGF LTO, investors can make a world-class investment with the bonus of alternative citizenship. It is regarded as a sustainable investment that is helping St Kitts and Nevis build modern infrastructure. Subsequently, this infrastructure will benefit not only the existing citizens, but also the investors.

To prevent missing out on this limited opportunity, we invite you to reach out to one of our specialists today so that you hear more about receiving approval in principle for becoming a citizen of this exceptional Caribbean twin-island nation in just 60 days.


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