St Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer on the Sustainable Growth Fund

St Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer on the Sustainable Growth Fund

Have you heard of the St Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer? The Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) serves as the fastest and most secure route to attaining second citizenship.

As part of the St Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer, the SGF option ensures a seamless and transparent journey to second citizenship. It’s ideal for individuals seeking enhanced global mobility, expanded business prospects, and a stable future for themselves and their families.

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The Saint Kitts and Nevis Limited Time Offer

In a bold move to revolutionise the concept of acquiring alternative citizenship, St Kitts and Nevis introduced a Limited Time Offer on the SGF option earlier this year.  

As part of the offer, starting from January 1, 2023, until June 30, 2023, applicants can take advantage of the opportunity to save a substantial amount of US$25,000 on a single application. Update: St Kitts and Nevis extends it’s LTO!  The offer is exclusively launched for the SGF option. 

Exclusive pricing under the Limited Time Offer

  • Single applicant: US$125,000
  • Main applicant and spouse: US$150,000
  • Family of four (main applicant, spouse, and two dependents): US$170,000
  • Additional dependent under the age of 18: US$10,000
  • Additional dependent aged 18 or older: US$25,000

St Kitts and Nevis’s commitment to economic growth

The Limited Time Offer is introduced to foster St Kitts and Nevis’s commitment to economic growth and attract visionary investors from across the globe. It also offers unparalleled opportunities for the Federation by enticing a greater influx of investors.

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

St Kitts and Nevis is a leading destination for individuals seeking a brighter future through citizenship by investment (CBI). Having launched in 1986, it stands as the world’s oldest operational CBI programme, earning high acclaim for its remarkable transparency, diverse range of investment opportunities, and a host of additional benefits.  

Besides this, successful recipients of second citizenship from St Kitts and Nevis can join a thriving community of global citizens. This network offers valuable connections, opens doors to exclusive events, and gives a sense of belonging to individuals. 

The launch of the Limited Time Offer on the Sustainable Growth Fund option has sparked huge interest from around the world. Despite a big volume of applications, St Kitts and Nevis government continue to keep the focus on running due diligence checks on all applicants and their dependants aged 16 and over.  

 Safety and security remain top priority 

Michael Martin- Head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit of St Kitts and Nevis, while announcing the Limited Time Programme said that the safety and security of the country’s people and global community remain their utmost priority. He explicitly mentioned that despite the introduction of the Limited Time Offer, the multi-layered due diligence and background checks will remain in place for all applicants and their dependents (aged 16and over).  

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With Limited Time Offer, investors can make a world-class investment with the added bonus of alternative citizenship. It is regarded as a sustainable investment that is helping St Kitts and Nevis build modern infrastructure. Subsequently, this infrastructure will benefit not only the existing citizens but also the investors. 


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