St Kitts and Nevis: A 2017 in the Spirit of Good Governance

Recognising the Government’s consistency in upholding transparency and accountability since the start of his administration, the Prime Minister assured that responsible action will be taken in the New Year to promote social and economic development across the twin islands. “We will move forward a legislative framework that addresses our agenda of good governance, accountability, and transparency… we will advance work on our electoral reform, justice for workers, and reform of our education and health systems.”

The Prime Minister also emphasised the Government’s practice on openness by welcoming reform and informing the public on the country’s performance. “We have provided honest information about our fiscal and economic performance, our Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, and immigration data more than any other period in history.”

Transparency and Accountability

St Kitts and Nevis’s legislative framework has been used as a means of promoting the Government’s agenda on transparency and accountability. “Our Ministers have utilized the provision on the Order Paper for Ministers Statement [Parliament] to provide helpful information on a diverse range of matters of interest to the public, such as education, fiscal outcomes, healthcare, public safety, terrorism, water, etc.,” reminded the Prime Minister.

Although extensive progress has been made in achieving good governance of the Federation, the Prime Minister acknowledged that this has not been an easy task, and that further developments must take place in order to fully realise the agenda’s success.