St Kitts and Nevis: Passports Refined

The measure affects around 15,197 regular passports, 91 diplomatic passports, and 39 official passports, all of which were released by the former administration. This will align the nation with international standards on passport specifications, and further reassure partners of the quality of St Kitts and Nevis travel documentation.
The move “is an imperative to safeguard the integrity of our passport, to comply with international best practices, and to satisfy our commitment to being a responsible member of the international community,” said the Honourable Prime Minister.

St Kitts and Nevis continues to rise in global rankings for the quality of its citizenship and the ability of its passport to enable visa-free travel, bolstering its world-famous Citizenship by Investment Programme. Tourism, investment in information and communications technology, and fiscal surplus are also contributing factors. “So too have our competitive tax policy, the high level of democratic freedoms including press freedoms enjoyed here, and the enhanced reputation of our country attributed inter-alia to the platinum status of our recognised Citizenship by Investment Programme resulting in our prestigious standing,” specified Dr Harris.