Survey Finds Political and Economic Instability a Motivator for Dual Citizenship

A survey conducted last month by international citizenship advisory, CS Global Partners, has found that two-thirds of South African nationals are researching dual citizenship due to the turbulent political and economic environment of the country.

The survey found that, of the 87 percent of respondents who do not currently have dual-citizenship, 96 percent of participants in the survey would like a second citizenship.

45 percent said they would invest at least 5 percent of their annual salary to gain a dual citizenship, and 70 percent declared they would be willing to relocate if they had a second passport.

Of those wanting to relocate, 60 percent cited their family’s future as a motivating factor, while 50 percent said that a second passport provided a ‘plan B’ – added security pending South Africa’s future.

CEO for CS Global Partners, Micha Emmett, said the response to the survey is consistent with growing global trends in the economic citizenship industry:

“In an increasingly unstable world of political and economic turmoil, people are looking for alternate citizenship as a backup plan, in case the situation changes in their home country.”

“The results are consistent with the conversations we typically have with clients and stakeholders across the globe. People want to know that their families, and all that they have worked hard to achieve, will be safe and secure not just today, but well into the future.”

“Countries like the Commonwealth of Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and Grenada, are becoming an increasingly enticing option for dual citizenship as people look to diversify their wealth and solidify their ‘plan B’.”