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Surging Trend of Americans Looking to Emigrate

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Americans Investing in the Caribbean for a Dual Citizenship

Travel restrictions, political divisiveness, and general civil unrest have left many Americans feeling like their wings have been clipped. As a result, some are seeking a safe second home and Plan B to resort to when things get rough.

Citizenship by investment (CBI) and Residence by investment (RBI) programmes have become a popular route to achieve a sense of security. These programmes are a non-traditional insurance policy to protect oneself and one’s assets during these uncertain times.

On December 8th and 9th, in panel discussions organised by Uglobal Immigration Virtual Expo, international experts shared their insights for Americans looking for a dual citizenship. The panels also featured CS Global Partners’ Beatrice Gatti, who shed light on the benefits Americans receive upon investing abroad to obtain second citizenship or residency.

Investors who become citizens of Dominica gain access to a plethora of benefits. These include increased travel freedom to approximately 140 countries and territories, alternative business prospects and, the invaluable option to pass down citizenship for generations to come.

While speaking about the benefits of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes, Gatti detailed how St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica successfully managed the pandemic with zero deaths (to date). She also discussed the benefits of wealth portfolio diversification, possible returns on investments, and added travel advantages.

Though Americans look to the Caribbean for traditional reasons like the speed of citizenship and financial planning, “it is also true that people are starting to look at the Caribbean for other reasons,” said Gatti.

Due to COVID-19, countries with a low infection rate, like St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica, have more travel options right now that include access into key American business markets. “It is absolutely true that US citizens have a lot of countries they can go to, whether on a visa-free arrangement or with the visa on arrival,” said Gatti. “But some countries are a little tougher to get to anyway, like China […] Dominica and China have actually come to an agreement on visa-free travel.”


Gatti also mediated a panel titled ‘Investing in Caribbean Citizenship: Exploring Economic Citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and Dominica’. It featured Nestor Alfred, Head of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, Les Khan, CEO of the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Unit, and Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, Head of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit.

The discussion explored economic second citizenship in the Caribbean, particularly through the programmes of Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Lucia. They shared insights on the booming interest from US citizens, how the programmes remain competitive, attracting investors during the pandemic, and what the future holds for each respective programme

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