What Does Visa-Free Travel Mean

What Does Visa-Free Travel Mean?

Visas are documents that are issued by governments to foreigners who want to come to their nation. There are various kinds of visas, but the most common ones are tourist, business, and in-transit visas.

Visa-free travel is the ability to visit a country without having to complete lengthy visa procedures. Nationals of a country can have visa-free travel to another country if the governments of those two countries signed an agreement to that effect, or if the receiving country unilaterally opened its borders.

Depending on your citizenship, you will have the right to travel visa-free to a number of nations across the world.

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What Are The Benefits of Visa-Free Travel?

  • You don’t have to fill out lengthy application forms, or provide additional documentation such as letters of support from friends and employers, pictures, copies of passports, and bank statements.
  • You don’t have to share confidential information
  • You don’t have to pay for a visa (on top of tickets, hotels, and more)
  • You don’t have to wait around for the embassy or relevant body to process the application for your visa.
  • You can travel on a whim, without needing to plan days or weeks in advance
  • You don’t need to wait in those lengthy queues at border control on your arrival, and you can be one of the lucky few who can access fast lanes.
  • German citizens have visa-free access to over 177 countries – making Germany the nation with the world’s highest freedom of mobility
  • Citizens of the small Caribbean island-nations such as Dominica, Grenada, and St Kitts and Nevis have visa-free travel rights to more than 110 nations (over 130 if you are from St Kitts and Nevis!), including the Schengen Area and the United Kingdom
  • The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, famous for measuring “gross national happiness,” levies a $250 daily tariff on visitors in an apparent effort to discourage hordes from spoiling its pristine scenery.
  • Britain requires Chinese tourists to fill out a ten-page form to gain a visitor’s visa.
  • The world’s third smallest country, Nauru, has the most expensive visa – set at $8,000 for only 3 months’ access.
  • A US Work Visa is the most wanted visa in the world.
  • Vatican City does not have border controls – but you’ll still need to travel through Italy in order to visit.

Pack your bags and go on your next tourist or business adventure… with visa-free access you just need to book your tickets.

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