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Planning Your Family's Future with Citizenship by Investment in Dominica

Planning Your Family's Future with Citizenship by Investment in Dominica

Effectively Plan Your Family's Future with Dominica's Citizenship by Investment

On October 30th, 2020, Times of India hosted the Commonwealth of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) to highlight the benefits that come with being an economic citizen of Dominica. The publication spoke to the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica, about why the island remains a top destination for Indian investors. His Excellency Emmanuel Nanthan, the Head of the CBI Unit, also shared a step-by-step guide into the application process.

Prime Minister Skerrit noted Dominica’s focus on the rule of law, its robust health and educations systems, the island’s growing tourism economy, and the priority it holds for families looking for a second country to call home.

“[We allow] citizens of other countries the opportunity to be a citizen of our country, providing families with a greater sense of security to ensure that opportunities for their children are better,” said the PM.

The PM also illustrated the historic relationship Dominica has with India as a Commonwealth nation. “India is a wonderful country. Dominica and India have enjoyed an exceptional relationship since 1978. We have had many cooperation agreements in a number of fields, and we continue to strengthen and deepen our bilateral relations. We are here to offer this opportunity to welcome Indian citizens to become a citizen of Dominica, and we do so with open arms.”

“[We] give Indian families an added opportunity to explore their dreams and aspirations,” he later added.

His Excellency Emmanuel Nanthan then emphasised the two investment options under the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Programme. First, there is a direct government fund which is referred to as the EDF. Single applicants can make a one-time investment of $100,000, which is used by the government for national development. The second option lets an applicant invest in pre-approved luxury ecotourism real estate.

However, before any investments are made, applicants go through due diligence checks to qualify.

“There is a very robust due diligence process because we have to ensure we protect ourselves as a nation. We also protect the applicant who is applying to become a citizen of Dominica and give [them] the assurance [that they are] applying to become a citizen of a country that respects international law,” he added.

When asked why Indian investors should look to the Commonwealth of Dominica for alternative citizenship, both the PM and the Head of the CBI Unit shadowed that:

  • Dominica’s CBI Programme is straightforward, and its information is accessible through authorised agents.
  • Dominican citizenship gives access to travel to 70 percent of the world. It also allows entry to the UK, where many Indian students chose to study.
  • The Programme has a family-focus, in which “dependants” of an applicant can be from spouses, children, siblings, grandparents etc.
  • The Unit’s 27-year longevity has made it subject to international scrutiny by independent entities and built trust in the product
  • Dominican citizenship can be passed on to offspring

“Once you become a citizen of Dominica, you are not considered to be an economic citizen of Dominica. You’re considered to be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and that citizenship is protected,” the Prime Minister said.

CS Global Partners’ CEO Micha Emmett also shed light on the global citizen mindset that many Indian investors carry and how CBI aids their goals. “As governments become more insular and impose stricter visa controls, the opportunity to travel and be global and do business globally is considerably hampered. So, Citizenship by Investment is a wonderful way to reverse that as it gives the Indian national better access to travel and business opportunities,” she said.