What is Economic Citizenship?

Also referred to as Citizenship by Investment, Economic Citizenship is a legal process whereby an individual or their families may qualify for citizenship in a host country. 

Economic citizenship is an opportunity for investors to cultivate their businesses and protect their assets, and wealth from economic uncertainties in their home country.

The main goal for these programmes is to advance economic development in the host countries, such as construction and infrastructure initiatives, as well as improving the quality of life of local citizens.

In the Caribbean, economic citizenship, includes support in advancing of local tourism industries. The outcomes of this are positive indicators of economic growth.

Additionally, there are a numerous government projects that require funding to support the national economy and its people. 

Countries offering economic citizenship

These are some of the host countries found across the Caribbean and Europe regions that offer economic citizenship: 

Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States

The five Caribbean countries listed above are a part of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The OECS was established on 18 June 1981 to drive sustainable development in the Caribbean.

A treaty was signed at the capital of St Kitts and Nevis and has since became the Treaty of Basseterre to honour the twin federation. The treaty created an economic union amongst these five Caribbean countries, including Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Montserrat, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The economic union consists of reduced or removed trade barriers and no tariffs with each other.  

Citizenship by Investment

These programmes are designed to attract long-term foreign direct investments and develop it national economy. 

Each Citizenship by Investment programme has their own unique set of due diligence practices, investment threshold, and specified timeframes (of which typically varies between 3-6 months). 

There are multiple types of investment options that investors may choose from, depending on which economic citizenship is most appealing and offers the benefits the qualifying investor seeks. 

Many of which offer citizenship in exchange, and others allow businesses to venture into the country, children to attend tertiary institutions, invest in real estate properties, and employment opportunities. Additionally, these programmes provide greater opportunities for businesses, the ultimate holiday destinations, and to live in a country where there is economic and political stability. 

Economic citizenship benefits 

The Caribbean has some of the world’s highly accredited, internationally recognised and world-class schools, which include St. George’s University that is a private medical school and international university.

Highly skilled individuals can extend their expertise to communities in the OECS. Their skills are recognised as global talents that can become part of the host country’s skilled workforce. 

Become a global citizen and part of the global community with an economic citizenship, by creating access into global markets that can enhance business opportunities. 

Discerning investors, entrepreneurs and business owners can expand their business ventures or establish new business opportunities across the OECS region. 

In the Caribbean region, investors have access to favourable tax benefits, which support investors abilities to create stable financial management.  

Senior citizens can create financial security to enjoy their retirement years. These host countries offer various financial services and benefits that caters to needs to senior citizens. 

And where better place to retire than by the sun-kissed tropical Caribbean islands? 

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How can CS Global Partners assist you with economic citizenship?

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