Why Dual Citizenship is the Best Christmas Gift for Your Family  

Give your family the ultimate gift of prosperity this Christmas with a dual citizenship to secure their futures.

Christmas time is for family, for being grateful, and for looking to future prosperity, so give your family the ultimate gift this Christmas with a dual citizenship to secure their futures.

Acquiring a dual citizenship is fast becoming a coveted way of protecting your future and laying roots for generations to come, providing an extra layer of security both personally and financially. People tend to localise their lives in the country they are born in, spending the entirety of their existence in one country. With a dual citizenship, investors and their families can formulate a Plan B, setup a second residence and expand their global horizons.

Why You Need Dual Citizenship

Being bound to a single country and its government can limit your freedom. We base our family’s future on the continued viability of one government, and as we know, governments rise and fall. And when we have a family, it is our responsibility to make sure we have a plan B when or if they do.

The idea of dual citizenship is not novel, and in fact has been around for decades. With the current uncertainty and instability around the world, the option of securing a second citizenship, and second passport, in a land of opportunity as part of an escape plan, is one very well worth investigating.

Creating a global lifestyle for your family expands your possibilities and drastically reduces your exposure to risk. A dual citizenship also opens doors to many new and exciting horizons including visa-free travel, lifestyle opportunities, investment options, and most importantly, control over your own freedom.

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How to Get a Second Citizenship

Depending on the country you are looking to for dual citizenship, there are a range of different programmes to choose from, with different criteria required for approval. However, by far the most expedient way to obtain second citizenship, is through Citizenship by Investment.

Over the years, more and more countries around the world have realised the benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programmes, for both the investor and the country itself. Citizenship by Investment enables investors being to make an economic contribution into the economy of the host country in exchange for citizenship. If you live in a volatile country, this second citizenship is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Why Citizenship by Investment?

Aside from the many benefits afforded to families upon acquiring a dual citizenship, CBI also promises families access to world-class health care, better educational opportunities, and a safe and secure environment in which kids can flourish. Possibly one of the most significant benefits is the fact that you are able to leave a legacy for your family, as your dual citizenship status can be passed down to future generations.

The Caribbean countries offering Citizenship by Investment Programmes in particular continue to rank first in the world for their family friendliness and inclusivity, their quick processing times and stringent background checks.

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Where is the Most Family-Friendly Country for Citizenship by Investment?

When exploring CBI Programmes, a variety of factors need to be considered. This may include application processing times, climate, social safety, economic stability, education, as well as access to robust healthcare. These considerations are paramount in deciding where you will place your family, your investment, and your future.

The St Kitts and Nevis CBI Programme is known for their family-focused approach, with a limited-time offer, valid until 15th January 2021, allowing investors to add up to three family members for the same investment amount as a single applicant.

Offering one of the longest-standing and best managed CBI Programmes in the world since 1984, the country has warmly welcomed investors and migrant families for decades. Additionally, it continues to rank highly on the CBI Index, an annual comprehensive rating system of CBI programmes worldwide, which is published by the PWM magazine, a publication by The Financial Times.

Holding the second passport of this developed Caribbean nation allows one to relish in all the benefits enjoyed by locals, and it also presents a great Plan B for investors and their families.

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