A Year in Review at CS Global Partners

A Year in Review at CS Global Partners

Fuelled by a desire to drive economic prosperity and transform lives in the process, CS Global Partners continued to seek win-win solutions in economic citizenship in 2017.

Our partnerships with the citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean were fruitful, and we continued to ensure our clients unlocked the best opportunities as citizens of the world.

Pride in product

Pride in what we do for country and client has always been paramount. This approach was recently acknowledged at Beijing’s 7th Private Banking and Family Office Summit, where we were named the ‘Most Attentive Global Citizenship Planning Organisation’.

A bespoke approach to business has been critical to sustaining momentum in the sector, and we were pleased to receive formal acknowledgement in providing a quality, thoughtful service.

Thoughts of the global citizen

This year we’ve increased our scope not just as product leaders, but also thought leaders. We supported the world’s first independent comprehensive analysis into the economic citizenship industry – the CBI Index – which was launched by Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management. Perceptions of citizenship in society has also featured in our research, with the commission of three surveys with interesting results:

  • Our Anniversary of Brexit survey, which was shared more than 83,000 times online, revealed that 89% of Brits want a second citizenship in light of the decision to exit the EU.
  • 96% of South Africans want second citizenship, with statistics revealing that 36% were “very likely” to relocate overseas if the opportunity for a second citizenship arose.
  • The Middle East continues to face significant hurdles to international business despite the appetite to expand being evident, with 67% of survey respondents believing that administrative processes of other countries were a barrier to furthering international opportunity.

A sustainable future

In its fourth year of publication, our own magazine, Belong, continued to provide thoughtful commentary on world affairs and the world of citizenship by investment. The latest edition explored the very topical issue of climate change and the Caribbean approach to a sustainable future.

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