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Leading Government Advisory in Residency & Citizenship by Investment

We assist governments in developing, promoting and growing their global presence by ensuring the integrity and longevity of their CBI programmes.

In acting as a government’s right-hand, we educate professional bodies, investment bankers, law firms and trusted advisors about these CBI programmes.


Government Advisory

We see ourselves as growth catalysts, giving government institutions the marketing muscle to generate inclusive wealth for their country and their people. With the impact left by Covid-19 and the state of economic emergency left by the recent ongoing pandemic, now more than ever government institutions of various markets are reaching out to us to assist in restructuring their programmes. In order to revive economies, subsequent growth and sustainability, we provide that ongoing cushion through our citizenship by investment programmes. We have a unique opportunity to assist governments to turn their economies around. We are affirmed in our integrity and capability in carrying out our government advisory role. Our service has provided our government clients extensive economic upliftment, job creation, and mean to attract foreign investment, thereby helping accelerate their GDP. We provide advise & legal expertise to government and cross collaborate with them.

We endeavour to protect and strengthen the country’s CBI programmes through education and promotion of the programmes features and benefits. We are economic enablers that unlock accessibility and direct foreign investments for governments.

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We are a one-stop citizenship by investment service provider.

Insights and Resources: Consultation, carefully guided applications process to provision of promotional marketing material. We are trusted advisors to governments and top professional advisors around the world. As a Marketing firm, we are a consulting company that advises citizenship by investment, guiding B2B clients and investors on the CBI market and the best options on offer.

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Government Marketing Solutions

We restructure and develop the CBI and RBI programmes to ensure an optimal result for the country offering the programme. Different models work for different jurisdictions and with our tailored advice we can guide governments on how best to model their programmes to ensure they gain market share. We also work closely with the restructuring of the due diligence frameworks of the programmes so to guarantee the integrity of the programme, the country, therefore the investor is comfortable that it is a legitimate offering.

Our mission is to transform the lives of the citizens of the countries that we work with.

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Win-Win Solution

With our Win-Win mentality, our core ethos as a business is to transform the lives of the markets that we operate in. We are not only economic enablers for governments (B2G), but also providers of market accessibility, global mobility, security for individuals and their families. Through our world-class citizenship by investment programmes we help secure futures through foreign direct investment opportunities thereby hedging risk and accelerating growth and a better quality of life.