About us

Life-changing decisions made easy

CS Global Partners is the world’s first government legal advisory to promote citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes by focusing on a greater impact on the nations offering them.

The company was established in London, in 2012, by Micha-Rose Emmett, a South African dual-qualified lawyer with unrivalled acumen and experience in the investment immigration industry.

Headquartered in the heart of London, with offices across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, CS Global Partners comprises a passionate team of reputable specialists and lawyers, split into two distinct directions: marketing the CBI programmes that several governments have entrusted us with; and providing expert advice to investors looking to apply for second citizenship or residency.

Our Mission

Win-Win Solution

Our mission is to find a win-win solution, rooted in goodwill and integrity. We match reputable investors with the country offering the best option for them.Sometimes, clients or their advisors approach us with a preconceived notion of what they think works best for them. We ensure that our clients have all the options clearly laid out and explained before they make a such a life-changing decision. This proved to be a good business model, valued by both governments and clients.

Our services

What we do for applicants

We strongly believe in the right to be a citizen of the world and we offer the best legal advice in existence to foreign investors seeking second citizenship or permanent residency, tailored specifically to their needs and those of their families.

Uniquely, CS Global Partners has a solid legal background, a reputation for excellence and operates on both supply and demand sides of the investment immigration industry. This means that our residency and citizenship expertise is flawless, reliable and complete.

Our 99% approval rate speaks for itself, as governments can trust that applications submitted through us are of the highest quality. To maintain these standards, we carry out our own vetting checks before accepting to work with a client.

We guide applicants from the moment they request a free consultation and, once pre-approval from CS Global Partners’ compliance team is granted, we support our clients until they have successfully obtained citizenship or permanent residency.

Moreover, we want our clients to know how their investment is making a difference in the country they decided to become economic citizens or residents of.

As respected residency and second citizenship consultants, we can advise you on the difference between European citizenship by investment and those from the Caribbean, or whether perhaps
residency is a better solution for your circumstances.

Our services

What we do for governments

CS Global Partners proudly holds three government mandates to promote their citizenship by investment programmes.

Shortly after being set up, CS Global Partners became St Kitts and Nevis’ first choice to take over marketing their CBI Programme. Ever since, CS Global Partners has been promoting St Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship offering across the world, focusing on the newly introduced Sustainable Growth Fund as the programme’s most straightforward route to second citizenship.

In 2014, the Dominica government followed suit, also appointing CS Global Partners as the official marketing promoters of their CBI Programme worldwide. As a result, Dominica’s CBI Programme underwent a complete transformation and became a leader in the RCBI industry. The island leads with ecotourism real estate options and transparent use of CBI funds, including astounding strides in climate change resilience.

Two years later, fellow Caribbean island of St Lucia joined the investment immigration industry and chose CS Global Partners to promote their brand new offering in Far East Asia. A world-famous honeymoon and wellness getaway, St Lucia’s economic citizenship programme is a popular choice with Asian investors.

As industry thought leaders, we also collaborated with Grenada and other countries while providing feedback on the Investor Visa Programme in the United Kingdom. The governments we work with continue to trust CS Global Partners to promote their CBI programmes responsibly, objectively and fairly. To do this, our divisions dealing with governments and clients, respectively, work independently. This means our advice for each country and client is 100% unbiased.