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Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Programme

Launched in 2017, Türkiye’s Citizenship by Investment Programme* is a relative newcomer in the citizenship by investment industry, but it has found significant success among Middle Eastern applicants, particularly from Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Egypt.










The Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Programme offers many benefits, including:

  • Citizenship for life

Türkiye citizenship gives you the right to live and work in the country for life, plus civic entitlements like voting, free healthcare and the right to hold a Turkish passport.

  • Entitlement to dual citizenship

Unlike other countries, Türkiye has no restrictions on dual citizenship. Consequently, you don’t need to relinquish your original nationality in order to become a Turkish citizen.

  • Ability to pass on citizenship

As a Turkish citizen, you’ll also be able to pass on your citizenship rights to your descendants. This allows them to enjoy all the same benefits and in turn safeguards your family’s future.

  • Ability to apply for the US E-2 visa
  • Enhanced global mobility

Citizenship by Investment in Türkiye is available through one of five options:

Applicants can purchase property valued at US$400,000 recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Successful applicants most hold that property for a minimum of three years.
Applicants can make a US$500,000 deposit in a Turkish bank that is recognised by the Council of Bank Audit and Regulation. Successful applicants must hold the deposit for three years.
Applicants can purchase government bonds valued at US$500,000 recognised by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Successful applicants must hold the bonds for three years.
Applicants can invest US$500,000 in fixed capital, acknowledged by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
Applicants can create 50 jobs in Türkiye, which must be acknowledged by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Security.
• Applications fees
• Passport fees

What are the benefits of a Turkish passport? 

Turkish passports are issued to citizens of Türkiye for international travel. They are biometric documents, ensuring a greater level of safety and facilitating cross-border procedures.

How long are Turkish passports valid for? 
Passports of Türkiye are valid for ten years for adults and five years for children under the age of 18 years.

What is the Türkiye passport application process? 

The passport application process is separate from the Citizenship by Investment process and requires the applicant to present several documents. These documents vary according to whether the application is a first-time application, a first-time renewal, or a later renewal. 

In all cases, a certified copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Registration – the document that is issued to an economic citizen at the end of the Citizenship by Investment process – must be provided. 

The process of issuing and renewing passports in Türkiye falls under the jurisdiction of the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship, a division of the Ministry of Interior. Services related to these tasks are carried out at local Population Directorate offices situated in various districts or cities.

Application Process

Türkiye Citizenship by Investment application process consists of seven steps:

Step 1: Select your investment option

Step 2: Make a residence permit application

Step 3: Open a bank account in Türkiye

Step 4: Make the relevant investment

Step 5: Submit your application to the Government

Step 6: If successful, applications are approved within three to six months

Step 7: Documents evidencing citizenship issued

Step 8: Submit passport application

Who is eligible to apply?

Main applicants must be over the age of 18, possess sufficient funds to make an investment, and must be of good moral character. Main applicants may also include several dependants in an application.

Which family members can I include in my application?

Main applicants can include:

  • Spouse.
  • Children of the main applicant or of the spouse if under the age of 18.
  • Children of the main applicant or of the spouse aged 18 or over with a medical condition that renders them dependent.

Are citizens from certain countries barred from applying?

Türkiye does not implement bans based on an applicant’s country of citizenship. Türkiye is therefore a popular option for persons who are unable to apply to other programmes, such as those in the Caribbean. However, however citizens of Armenia and Syria are unable to purchase property in Türkiye.

Is this programme for me?

The following persons may be a good fit for the programme:

  1. Investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their asset base.
  2. Nuclear families seeking better global mobility.

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*Citizenship by Investment programme requires a financial investment into the country.

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