Portugal Programme 

  • Known as the Golden Residence Permit Programme, Portugal’s Residence by Investment Programme has been operating since October 2012. It is the ideal solution for non-European citizens seeking the freedom to live and work in Portugal and travel across the Schengen Area.


    Portugal’s mild climate, rich culture, exceptional cuisine and exquisite scenery have encouraged many high-net-worth individuals to make this wonderful Iberian nation their second home. It boasts several potentially lucrative avenues for investment, with opportunities rife in manufacturing, tourism, and green energy.


    The programme is open to investors and certain family members and can be obtained even while maintaining an alternative residence elsewhere. The residence authorisation can be renewed for an initial period of two years and then for consecutive five-year periods, provided the residency requirements have been fulfilled.

Benefits of Portugal Residency 

  • The right to live, work, study, and undertake business in Portugal
  • Exceptional levels of safety and security, excellent education opportunities, and high quality healthcare
  • Minimal residency requirements
  • Eligibility for citizenship after 6 years of residence
  • Family reunification 

Investment Options

Option 01

Real Estate

  • Applicants can purchase residential, commercial, or agricultural real estate. Processing fees apply.

  • Real estate EUR 500,000
  • Real estate for refurbishment EUR 350,000
Option 02

Capital Transfers

  • Applicants can choose between a series of capital transfers. Processing fees apply.

  • Standard capital transfer EUR 1,000,000
  • Capital transfer in scientific research institutions EUR 350,000
  • Capital transfer in investment funds or venture capital funds EUR 350,000
  • Capital transfer in a commercial society EUR 350,000
  • Capital transfer artistic output or national heritage EUR 250,000
Option 03

Job Creation

  • Applicants pursuing this option must create at least ten jobs in Portugal. Processing fees apply.

Portuguese Passport 

  • The Portuguese Residency by Investment Programme is solely for residency, however upon fulfilment of certain requirements, individuals may be eligible for citizenship after five years of legal residence in Portugal. 

    After residing in Portugal for five years, applicants can apply for citizenship via naturalization. Requirements for naturalization include being at least 18 years of age, basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, can demonstrate successful integration, and have not been convicted for a crime that corresponds to a penalty to or more than three years according to Portuguese law.  

    If successful, naturalised citizens can apply for a Portuguese passport.  

Application Process

  • Applicants must have made their investment before applying and submit the proof of investment as well as their intentions to maintain it for at least five years.  

    • Step 1: Interested applicants must submit an application at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services (SEF).
    • Step 2: Submit the application along with documentation.
    • Step 3: Pay all the relevant fees.
    • Step 4: Wait for confirmation from the SEF.
    • Step 5: Schedule an appointment to submit your application at a local branch of the SEF.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the investment options under the Portugal Residency by Investment Programme? 

    • Real estate
    • Capital transfers
    • Job creation


    Applicant Eligibility 

    To be able to apply for this program, you should be at least 18 years of age, have sufficient funds to make the investment, in good health, and be in good standing with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority and Social Security.


    All third country citizens are eligible to apply, however, EU and EEE nationals are not eligible for the programme.


    Which family members can I include in my application for economic citizenship? 

    After receipt of a residence permit, the main applicant may apply for residence permits for the following family members:

      • Spouse
      • Children, biological or adopted, of the main applicant or of the spouse, if under the age of 18, disabled and dependent upon the main applicant or spouse.
      • Children, biological or adopted, of the main applicant or of the spouse aged 18 or over, unmarried, enrolled in an educational establishment, and dependent on the main applicant or spouse.
      • Dependent parents of the main applicant or of the spouse
      • Siblings of the main applicant in his or her care according to a decision delivered by the competent authority of the Member States and recognised by Portuguese law



    How long does it take to process a residency by investment application? 

    From submission of the application to an approval in principle, applicants are generally expected to wait between three and six months.



    Are citizens of certain countries not allowed to apply? 


    Applications are welcomed from all nationalities, except Russia and Belarus, which are suspended at the moment.



    Duration of the residence permit  

    The residence permit can be renewed for an initial two-year period, then for consecutive five-year periods.



    Is This Programme for Me?  

    The Portugal Residency by Investment Programme allows qualified applicants to obtain permanent residence status in Portugal, even while living elsewhere and retaining their citizenship of birth.

    The following may also be a good fit for the programme:

      • Individuals and families who want to enjoy visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area
      • Investors looking to invest in Portugal
      • Families who want to live, study, and/or undertake business in Portugal

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    *Residency by investment programme requires a financial investment into the country.

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