Plan B

Season 1

Plan B invites industry experts to discuss topics like the history of the CBI programmes, the detailed benefits that clients and nations receive from it, the application process and much more. As the demand of CBI increases around the globe, the podcast also brings to light the notion that second citizenship has been deemed an insurance policy for so many in the most unexpected of times.

Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of Plan B. This season, our host Aisha Mohamed takes a deep dive into the world of Citizenship by Investment and brings on experts to discuss topics like the CBI index, real estate development and industry updates.
We will also bring you breaking news from the CBI world to ensure you stay caught up with the highlights every week.

Season 3

Welcome to the third season of Plan B where we will be talking about everything from the Caribbean’s expert due diligence, sustainable investment opportunities, and the launch of the new edition of our magazine. Our guests will include more CBI industry’s researchers and investment migration experts.

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