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5 reasons why Saint Lucia is one of the world’s hidden gems

With its pristine beaches, rich culture, and holiday lifestyle, it’s no wonder that Saint Lucia ranked in the top three for its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme in 2022. Here are 5 reasons why people find living in Saint Lucia so desirable:

1. Saint Lucia offers an unparalleled lifestyle for everyone
There’s something to do at all hours of the day or night in Saint Lucia. If you are looking for bustling nightlife and incredible parties, or would rather retreat into nature, there’s a piece of the island for you. Saint Lucia caters for families with children just as well as it does for adults who are looking to live a care-free lifestyle. Saint Lucia is also very well-connected to the rest of the world with international flights to the US, Canada, and Europe. The low cost of living coupled with the high quality of life makes it the ideal place to live. The Caribbean way of life has a universal appeal that simply cannot be matched.  
2. The island has a rich culture and intriguing history
Saint Lucia’s colourful heritage is ingrained in the culture and celebrated by locals and visitors alike. With a history spanning hundreds of years and including stories of pirates, colonies, and battles, it’s enough to pique anyone’s interest. Saint Lucia was originally known by the Arawak Indians as “Louanalao” meaning “Island of the Iguanas.” A pirate named François “Peg-Leg” Le Clerc was the first to colonise Saint Lucia and the island is now considered a National Landmark. There are many thought-provoking museums and ancient archaeological sites for the whole family to explore.   Saint Lucia hosts various carnivals and traditional festivals each year, and their internationally renowned Jazz Festival attracts people from all over the world.
3. Saint Lucia offers many culinary delights
Saint Lucia is full of diverse cuisine. With culinary influences from America, Europe, India and the Caribbean, each dish promises to be a flavourful experience. Green figs and salt fish is the island’s national dish. Created from boiled bananas and salt-cured cod, this hearty meal must be tried at least once. Fried plantains, callaloo soup and breadfruit are other local delicacies. Piton, the country’s local beer, and Chairman’s Reserve, the island’s locally produced rum, are there to keep you cool on hot island days along with an assortment of fruit juice and cocktails from the island’s mixologists.   By signing up for one of the sought-after food tours you can even learn how to cook original Saint Lucian dishes, create your very own chocolate, or learn exactly how food ties into the island’s way of life. With high-end restaurants and local eateries, there’s something for everyone.
4. Saint Lucia is full of natural beauty, iconic landmarks, and popular resorts
Each part of the island has distinct features to be experienced and enjoyed. The island’s volcanic origin is the reason for its lush vegetation, soothing mud pools and iconic Sulphur Springs. In North Saint Lucia you can hike, kayak, and snorkel in Pigeon Island National Park or take a leisurely stroll through charming historical sites dating back to the 1700’s. Plantation beach offers wind sports and surfing, and Rodney Bay has popular nightlife spots to visit when the sun sets.   South Saint Lucia has many historic areas, such as Vieux Fort, where you can view old canons and interesting ruins. For those who enjoy long walks, Sandy Beach and Anse Des Sables Beach have kilometres of white sand for you to traverse. Soufrière, the original French capital, is found on the west coast of Saint Lucia. Located under the Petit Piton mountain, Soufrière is an incredibly popular tourist destination full of unique Saint Lucian mementos and photographic opportunities.   Just outside the town you can hike in the Pitons and swim in some of the secluded waterfalls. Incredible opportunities for snorkelling and water sports await you at nearby Anse Chastanet Beach. Central Saint Lucia is where you can find beautiful forest reserves responsible for protecting the island’s fauna and flora. Edmund Forest Reserve has breath-taking views of the surrounding area and is home to many exotic birds and little island mammals.  
5. Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme offers fantastic benefits
The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme provides you with the option to apply for Saint Lucia citizenship. This opens the door to incredible benefits such as: global mobility; the right to hold dual citizenship; four potential investment options; and citizenship for life with the right to both live and work in the country. With a straight-forward seven-step application process, and no residency requirement, a Saint Lucia investment is a life-changing opportunity.
Embrace Saint Lucia for yourself
With so many diverse opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and positive impact, it’s no wonder that Saint Lucia is starting to be recognised for the valuable place that it is. To find out more about Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment requirements, and the doors it could open for you and your family, click here. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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