Visa-Free Travel

Visa-free travel is the ability to visit a country without completing visa procedures.

What is a visa?
Visas are documents that are issued by governments to foreigners who want to come to their nation. These may only be valid for one return trip, sometimes with the ability to be extended. Some visas also require applicants to provide medical test results or make a visit to the embassy for an interview regarding the nature of their stay. Unlike a passport, which proves your country of origin, a visa is simply a marker for how long you will be allowed to remain in your destination. So while it is possible to have a passport without a visa, you cannot have a visa without a passport. There are various kinds of visas, but the most common are tourist visas, business visas and in-transit visas, which allow passage through a country on their way to their final destination.
What is visa-free travel?
Visa-free travel is the ability to visit a country without having to complete lengthy visa procedures. Nationals of a country can travel visa-free to another country if the governments of the two countries signed an agreement to that effect, or if the receiving country unilaterally opened its borders. Depending on the country where you have been granted citizenship, you will have the right to travel visa-free to a number of nations across the world.
Benefits of visa-free travel
No additional documentation When you have visa-free access to a country, you won’t have to fill out lengthy visa application forms to gain entry. Likewise, there will be no requirements for additional documentation, such as letters of support from friends and employers, pictures, copies of passports, or bank statements. No additional costs Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, applying for a standard visa costs money and the cost doesn’t necessarily have to rise with the length of your stay. For example, the world’s third smallest country, Nauru, for example, has the most expensive visa at $8,000 for only 3 months’ access. If you are able to travel without a visa, you won’t need to pay these additional costs for each person with whom you are travelling. No need to plan ahead Visa-free travel allows you to go anywhere in the world on a whim, saving you planning days or weeks in advance. Without needing a visa, you have the freedom to pack your bags and go on your next business trip or tourist adventure with ease.