Top Golden Permits for Investors in 2024

Top Golden Permits for Investors in 2024

Explore alternative residency options through Residency by Investment programmes. These are the top golden permits for investors in 2024.

Golden permit programmes underwent significant changes that caused prospective investors to explore alternative options in acquiring residency in a host country, also known as Residency by Investment (RBI) programmes.  

RBI programmes present a prosperous pathway to secure permanent residency in a foreign country through economic investment.  

RBI Programmes grant investors the privilege to reside, work, study, and access healthcare in the host nation. The process potentially paves the way to citizenship in certain jurisdictions.  

Top Countries Offering Golden Permits

Global investors are seeking RBI programmes to diversify their investments, access new markets, enhance their lifestyle, or secure an alternative citizenship.  

However, not all golden visa programmes offer the same advantages.  

The suitability of a programme depends on the investor’s objectives, preferences, and individual requirements.  

With a multitude of RBI programmes worldwide, particularly prevalent in the European Union (EU), investors can tap into a world of possibilities for business expansion or personal relocation.     

Below are some of the top countries offering golden visas around the world.  

Cyprus: Provides one of the most advantageous and practical programmes globally, requiring a minimum investment in business or real estate.  

The residency permit is valid for life, enabling global mobility to 173 countries.   

Greece: Offers an attractive programme with a minimum investment requirement in real estate or shares.  

The residency permit is renewable indefinitely, allowing global mobility to 26 Schengen nations.  

Italy: Features a creative and competitive programme with various investment options in startups, innovation, and social impact projects.  

The residence permits are renewable and allow mobility within the Schengen area.  

Spain: Offers an extensive programme with varying investment thresholds, granting residency permits renewable every five years.  

Travel to Schengen EU nations is permitted, and citizenship can be granted after a specified residency period.  

United Arab Emirates (UAE): The UAE golden residency visa offers long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and outstanding academics.  

Eligible individuals can obtain a renewable residency permit for up to ten years. This provides them with the opportunity to live, work, study, and do business in the UAE without the need for a local sponsor.  

The programme offers various investment pathways, including investments in real estate, business ventures or academic achievements.  

What to Look for When Selecting a Golden Visa?

Investors need to consider numerous factors when selecting a golden visa of choice, some of which include the following:  

Country Stability: Consider the political stability, economic strength, and social factors of the host country to ensure a secure investment environment.  

Family Considerations: Determine if the golden permit allows for family members to be included in the application. It also demonstrates the extent of their residency and citizenship rights. 

Global Mobility: Travel privileges granted with the residency or citizenship obtained through the golden permit, enabling ease of travel for business or leisure purposes. 

Investment Requirements: Evaluate the minimum investment amount required and the types of investments allowed, such as real estate, government bonds, or business startups and ventures.  

Path to Citizenship: Understanding the pathway to citizenship, including residency duration requirements and eligibility criteria for naturalisation in the host country.   

Tax Implications: Understanding the tax implications of residency and citizenship in both the host country and the investor’s home country. It is important to grasp the impact this factor may have on the investor. 

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